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Hey: great to see you here!

Hello, I am Sarah: globetrotter, tea drinker and a person of love. I'm 24 years old with always having a smile on my lips while passing through this wonderful life. I love thriller and indian incense sticks, the fall and summer thunderstorms. I live for special moments and small gestures. I am a cat person and a travel enthusiast. My heart beats for everything that makes happy. Let me carry you along and write your story too.

Capturing weddings means not only taking photos to me. It's about telling your story, your love, your journey you share. It's about get to know your personality, your family, your sense for living and for wonders. It's a huge firework of feelings for you and for me aswell if you tie the knot for life. Let me be a part of you and I will give you memories that will last a lifetime. 

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You can choose between the sorting of weddings, couple shootings and portraits.

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Here you will not only find articles that have something to do with the photographer, but also general information and suggestions for all possible areas for wedding planning in general. My advantage for you: I've been to numerous, different weddings and usually get more behind the scenes than you do as a pure guest. That's why I would like to give you as much as possible and stand by your side.

Since my heart beats not only for photography but also for weddings in general I have some additional offers for you how I can support you not only on the day itself but also in the preparations and after the wedding.

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