Cozy home story with baby

Birthday shoot for Ben

On the occasion of his imminent first birthday, Luise and Micha wanted a very special shoot for their little Ben. So we met in a huge sandpit, where not only Ben, but the whole family had some great, extraordinary hours and experiences together. In the gravel pit we could walk and run barefoot together, climb mountains of sand and of course take everything in our hands. 

Hiske fulfilled a long dream for me to do a shoot with a surfboard. Despite the still quite cool temperatures in May with a North Sea climate, she threw herself into her bathing suit for me and defied the cold water.

Baby bump shoot in nature

Mostly I give the recommendations for a lot of locations for your shoots, but with Laura & Toni they gave me an insider tip. The four of us made ourselves comfortable in a beautiful flower plantation on the slope and implemented a beautiful couple shoot with a focus on Laura's growing baby bump.

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