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memory box
  • memory box

    usb flash driver
    • the wooden box

      The memory box is designed in a noble book look so that you don't have to store it but can integrate it as a decoration in your home concept. Despite its rounded corners it is made entirely of wood and has a simple but firm fastener so that it can also be used in the upright position.

      The interior has two compartments. A large compartment (20x15cm) for eg photo prints and a small one (20x4cm) for a USB stick.

    • use

      Use this box as a place for your memories that you can revive at any time. Photos, a remaining tears of joy handkerchief, invitation & menu cards, name cards and dried decorative elements can be stored here.

      This souvenir box is also great as a gift for later anniversaries or golden weddings of parents / grandparents.

    • the calligraphy

      For the front of your wedding box I design an individual calligraphic design of your names which then decorates your box in gold lettering.

      The names are neatly written on your box by hand.
      Individual requests can be taken into account.

      If a USB stick is also ordered it will be delivered with double-sided engraving (initials & date). For agreements, personal contact is made before the start of production.

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