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portrait shootings

Here you will find individual personalities, characters, hobbies and stories. Bundled in individual galleries so that you can immerse yourself perfectly in the respective people. Would you like to book your own photo shoot and are still looking for ideas? Feel free to ask me without obligation and we will work out together what suits you best and what we can integrate into the shoot.


Vorschaubild Galerie Klara



Rooftop Shooting Dresden

I met Klara many, many years ago, did several photo shoots with her and I am always fascinated by how changeable she is. This time we met on friendly terms because she is moving away from Dresden soon. But then I couldn't quite put the camera down.

Vorschaubild Galerie Hiske



Surfershooting Holland

Hiske fulfilled a long dream for me to do a shoot with a surfboard. Despite the still quite cool temperatures in May with a North Sea climate, she threw herself into her bathing suit for me and defied the cold water.

Hintergrundbild weitere Galerien

Leipzig Botanical Garden

I had been in contact with Miri for a long time, but in April it finally worked out that I could go to Leipzig. I think your type is amazing and it was a lot of fun to capture your charisma and to put something special in the limelight.

Beauty Shoot Dresden

Lisa is actually a photographer herself, but I quickly realized that she was just as talented as a model. I mean, look at that face with the beautiful freckles, this hair and its charisma. Who wouldn't be jealous?

Lifestyle Shooting Dresden

Anna - I've been following Dora for a long time, but somehow a meeting never worked out. We spontaneously got together at a meet-up and the results show me once again that you don't always need a concept, but should just go for it.

Vorschaubild Galerie Mariama



Vorschaubild Galerie Lisa



Vorschaubild Galerie Anna-Dora


Anna - Dora