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We have just looked into the video for the first time and we think it's great! You really have an eye for moments and we can't thank you enough. It turned out really well, thanks a million.

a civil wedding and celebration on a beautiful estate with a huge garden and location on the Elbe

Theresa & Toni

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Oh my God! We are so mega happy, that is bringing everything up again. We cried snot and water and have looked at it 100 times now, it's really unbelievably beautiful, thank you very much!

a free wedding ceremony, an old windmill and guests on bales of straw

Linda & Alex

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Annika & Johannes

It doesn't always have to be the words of both. Johannes secretly gave me his voice as a surprise after the wedding for his dear Annika.

a church wedding in the fall, pumpkins and live singing


Victoria & Thomas

Dear Sarah, we have just watched our film: it is so incredibly beautiful! Words fail us ... From the first second we were transported into the moment as if it had been yesterday and weeping snot and water. Incredible. Many, many, many thanks for making all the emotions 1000% to the point in just under three minutes! 

a church wedding in summer, wedding celebration until the end of the party

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