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For me, videography is such a fascinating way of perceiving events that it can't really be compared to photos.


A photo report is the completeness of a day - with all the details, highlights, important events and small moments, nothing should be missing here. And when you later look at a photo of a situation, the entire film of your memories of the surrounding minutes runs before your inner eye. So photos are there to reactivate your own memories and feelings - of every single moment.

In a wedding film, on the other hand, it is not important that every moment of the day actually occurs and is documented. Rather, it is about a moving representation of your feelings, the mood and the atmosphere of your wedding. The circumstances of the weather, the wind, nature - the laughter, the cheering and the crying of you and your guests - the exuberance of the day in its full form. Above all, a video gives guests who were unable to be there an intensive and emotional impression, reinforced by the music and personal words. But a wedding video is also a tangible memory for you that you can always carry in your pocket on your cell phone or watch on the big TV at home.

Just as you can be captivated by photos for several hours in order to completely sink into the memories, you can use a wedding video at any time, even in short time windows, to simply withdraw for 10 minutes and put yourself back in the moment of the wedding leave, with still pure emotions - bundled in a lively highlight video of your special day. 

My heart beats for photos and films, both have a very special effect for me - in the end product, but also in the creation process, which is super exciting for me. If you are interested in one of my wedding films and are wondering how it is possible to deliver both, here are a few options that I have. 


If you would like to see more movies, please click on the link below. There you will find all the films listed with information on whether these films were made in addition to a photo report, alone, in combination with a second shooter or as a pure video order. 

Zwischenbild Hochzeitsfilme

single source

with second shooter

photo & highlight film

photo & wedding film

only videography

wedding film + highlight cut

In fact, I offer both completely alone in combination. Photography and film of your wedding. In the case of a sole implementation, you can imagine the film like a trailer in the cinema. A summary of the highlights, feelings and atmosphere of your wedding in a short compilation with atmospheric music or spoken words of your wedding vows. Of course, you have to keep in mind that some moments during a wedding only happen once and also very briefly. Here we discuss together which moments are important to you primarily on photo and which on video. I am happy to advise you and sometimes there is no real "decision" necessary, since some situations without sound (on the photo) do not look the same as in the video, just like the other way around.

If you like the idea of having photo & film in the same style, but you are afraid of a compromise from a single source, you can book a so-called second shooter through me. This is a second person who acts as a kind of back-up and mainly supports me photographically, so that the balance between photo and film is simplified.

As a second shooter, I work with young, talented people who want to take the step into professional photography and thus have the opportunity to gain experience without having to bear full responsibility. You can look at it as a kind of apprentice that I support, but also learn in my spirit and so my style is still guaranteed.

At the end you will receive both media completely edited by me.

Of course, there is also the option of hiring two separate service providers for both the photos and the video. You are also welcome to book me as a pure videographer for your wedding without photographic accompaniment. The same fee applies here as for a photo reportage.


I would be happy to recommend photographers with whom I have already worked in the photo & film team, or I will contact your chosen photographer in advance to coordinate the process so that we can harmonize on the wedding day and pay attention to each other's requirements.  

Zwischenbild Hochzeitsfilme


the video is a flat-rate additional product as a fixed price for the booked photo reportage, regardless of the number of hours

the Second Shooter is a flat-rate additional product for the booked video report, regardless of the number of hours

you book me for the pure videography without photographic accompaniment, conditions according to the number of hours

Zwischenbild Hochzeitsfilme


1 - 2 minute 4K highlight film 
including licensed music & personal voices


4 - 6 minute 4K wedding film including licensed music & personal voices

6 - 8 minute 4K wedding film including licensed music & personal voices

Zwischenbild Hochzeitsfilme


+ Photo & video style from a single source
+ only one person on site
+ cheapest price

- not a wedding film, but a highlight trailer


+ Photo & video style from a single source
+ no compromises
+ more variety of perspectives
+ well-rehearsed, inconspicuous team
+ cheaper surcharge than two main service providers

- two people are walking around

+ maximum range of recordings

- two people are walking around
- photo & video in different style
- possibly unknown team
- full price for two service providers

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