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For me, every photo shoot is a story and not just looking at the camera with different poses. The shooting is a report of the subject before - it is you, your relationship or your family. And that's exactly what the photos should show: you, the way you are, whether sensual, adventurous or completely natural. I will accompany you over the time and dive into a little journey with you. In advance, we think about an idea together how we can adapt your shooting perfectly to you and design it for you; an authentic reportage always is in the foreground. Nevertheless, I will of course take you by the hand and guide you through the shooting, so you don't have to worry about not feeling comfortable or not knowing what to do. The shootings can either take place outside "on location" or inside at your home.


Feel free to swipe through the arrows below and read more about specific visualized ideas for examples how we can implement a shoot, or simply let yourself be inspired by my picture galleries.

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single shooting

lifestyle shooting, beauty or
selflove boudoir

couple shooting

excursions into nature or rediscover your own four walls

family stories

forest walk with picnic or home story for young and old

baby belly & newborn reports



joint excursion with romance & adventure

A couple shoot with me is a bit like the beginning of a relationship - you don't know exactly where the journey is going, but you're full of anticipation and love, with that slight tingling of nervousness. This is exactly the kind of time we spend together and set off on our journey. A journey of a little walk, during which I elicit some information from you that will make you look in love, laugh out loud together or create a very special memory. 


We discuss both the location and the course of the shooting in advance and look for something that suits you well; depending on whether you prefer it natural or urban, for example, and how your characters feel about romance and crazy actions. In most cases, the focus of a couple shooting is more on one of these two points - of course we implement both, but we focus more on what reflects you as a person and as a couple best. 

Leaning on the shoulder or holding hands, just stroll a bit, stop in between and consciously enjoy the togetherness of the moment, close your eyes together or sometimes sit on a blanket on the floor and just let yourself go. I would like to create such moments for you during our shooting and capture them for you - so that you never forget this mood and can evoke it again and again.

But I also don't want to miss out on laughing. So don't be surprised if I want you to run away from each other in adulthood, sit on your shoulders or whisper something in each other's ears. Of course, you don't have to do anything that you find inappropriate or silly - but give it a try if you want.

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Beispielfoto Paarshooting
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