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couple shootings

Not only every person, but also every relationship is different and unique. Regardless of whether you prefer romantic, playful or adventurous chaos. I capture your love and tell not just any story, but exactly the story that suits you. We would be happy to consider together before a shoot which idea and implementation would suit you best, so that you feel comfortable and pictures were taken that show you exactly who you are.


Vorschau Linda & Alex


Linda & Alex

Engagement shoot with champagne shower

During a couple shoot together in the Dresden desert, Alex got on his knees in front of his Linda and asked her a very special question in the sunset: Do you want to be my wife? You can find the video of their subsequent wedding here.

Vorschau Josephine & Til


Josephine & Til

Industrial shoot in the Berlin culture brewery

In Berlin I got to know this great couple. Her style, her super open-minded manner and the fact that we are here in freezing temperatures in February

found it made it a special event. During great conversations, I also learned that the two now have their own clothing brand. Have a look at Joseph Atelier .

Platzhalter Bild Paarshootings

American Diner Shooting Berlin

I visited Calvi and Phil in Berlin this year so that we could meet in person before their wedding next year. We combined the whole thing directly with an introductory shoot and chose a very special location for it. Many thanks to Route66 for the cooperation.

Homeshooting Stuttgart

Home shoots are always a great way to avoid the gray weather of November. Alex even got this great apartment from his work colleague.

Vorschau Calvi & Phil


Calvi & Phil

Beach shoot Crete

Danae and Dimitris were on vacation in Thailand and only came back one day before we wanted to shoot in Crete. As a result, they were still a little bit affected by jet lag, but they didn't let that put them off in any way. And let's be honest, I only see love and no tiredness in the pictures.

Vorschau Danae & Dimitris


Danae & Dimitris

Vorschau Claudia & Alex


Claudia & Alex

spontaneous snow shoot in Dresden

At the beginning of 2019 it finally worked out that Ms. Holle also snowed in Dresden. The peace did not last long, however, so action had to be taken quickly. Everything was organized within 24 hours and fortunately these two loved ones here had spontaneous time during the week.

Vorschau Emily & Max


Emily & Max

Hintergrundbild Galerien

Couple shoot on Faroe Islands

In March I ended up on the Faroe Islands. A small country between Iceland and Denmark. No, but indescribably beautiful. Gigantic landscapes and probably the most likeable people I have ever gotten to know. I am incredibly happy to have found a local couple for a shoot in this setting.

Engagement Shooting Holland

Charissa and Verno blew me away from the first minute. An overwhelming zest for life that was just contagious and I had to laugh along the whole time. So real and so natural, every picture was a hit. So I'm all the more looking forward to her wedding next year.

Homestory Berlin

When I stopped for one night during a trip in Berlin, these dear colleagues welcomed me to their beautiful home. I think it's great when you stick together and exchange ideas instead of seeing yourself as competition. As a small thank you there was this cozy home shoot.

Vorschau Helena & Teitur


Helena & Teitur

Vorschau Charissa & Verno


Charissa & Verno

Vorschau Tatjana & Eric


Tatjana & Eric