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Here you see all bright sparks and shining people, you see weddings. Every celebration is as individual as the couples and love for one another are. Church, civil, free weddings. Boho dreams, castles or open fields. Festive halls and rustic barns.Let yourself not only be inspired by the photos, but also by the different styles.


Boho wedding with church ceremony

The guests await the bride: oriental carpets under their feet, fantastic live singing and a self-carved wedding arch, adorned with a splendor of flowers like the bride's bouquet when she arrives. With this wedding a true boho dream has come true, framed by an emotional church wedding in the open air and a very personal wedding ritual. Lots of homemade things, attention to detail and planning, and lots of highlights that made the day one of the most beautiful in my professional life.

Free wedding ceremony in a monastery park

A centuries-old location, half decayed and yet full of charm: an old ruined monastery as the perfect romantic setting for a wedding. That alone would be perfect, but then the father of the bride himself holds the wedding speech and breaks all emotions. A great wedding, such a cosmopolitan bridal couple and so many hours of laughter together as I wish them for their entire life. The celebrations took place directly on the property in a converted barn with a glass front, surrounded by cows, pastures and self-made swings.

Free wedding ceremony with rain

On my way to the Ore Mountains I had to turn on the windshield wipers a few times, but the view of the sky promised sun. Final arrangements were made on site as to whether the ceremony could really take place outside. Everyone was in good spirits and we just couldn't and didn't want to rule out this possibility. In the end, the rain still surprised us. But nobody let it spoil their good mood. It was a wonderful wedding with a great celebration at a breathtaking location in the heart of the forest.

Wedding film with registry office

In autumn I was allowed to attend another wedding purely as a filmmaker. It actually went to the registry office in the traditional way, but this time to Riesa, where I was able to experience a beautiful old wedding room in a wall. And the location after that just overwhelmed me. An old three-sided courtyard, directly on the Elbe, with a huge wild garden, two ponds, several wonderful large pastures and in the middle of it a wonderfully exuberant celebration with the bridal couple and their guests.

Church wedding at Talsperre Malter

In my eyes, this wedding was a prime example of how even classic wedding ceremonies can be something very special away from the bureaucracy. At church weddings the atmosphere is generally a bit more emotional than at the registry office, but this pastor was just something very special. Without the bridal couple knowing about it, he simply sat down on the floor, got his guitar and sang for the couple. And that was just one of many great moments of an overall super personal, enticing, but also moving church wedding.

Vorschau Theresa & Ton


Theresa & Toni

Vorschau Paula & Patrick


Paula & Patrick

Vorschau Stefanie & Hannes


Stefanie & Hannes

Destination Wedding Holland

I got to know Charissa and Verno last year during my visit to Holland, where we spontaneously planned a sunset shoot on the beach in Amsterdam during my vacation. You can of course also find the pictures here . My heart beat all the faster when they asked me if I would also like to attend their wedding. I said, "Yes, I do!" said.

Vorschau Charissa & Verno


Andrea & Christian

Church wedding under the sky

I hardly know such a young couple where you can feel the bond so clearly and intensely. Vanessa and Florian's wedding was fantastically beautiful, from getting ready in the barbershop with Flo, to Vanessa's first meeting with her dad, the breathtaking marriage ceremony with a wonderful pastor in the open air, moving songs and two very personal marriage vows, to one Evening setting as it can only look like in fairy tales. Thank you for taking me with you on your day.

Vorschau Vanessa & Florian


Vanessa & Florian

Free wedding ceremony at a lake

A jetty, the sound of waves from the Zernsee and a steady, brisk wind. This was the feeling at Andrea and Christian's free wedding in August. The jetty was decorated with a cute bridal bench, some candles and benches for the guests. Simple but so beautiful. Above all, the people and their open laughter made it so. A wonderful day in a breathtaking setting at Gut Schloss Golm.

Glamour wedding in a villa

Even if marriages no longer have to fulfill the cliché of wearing a pompous dress with a hoop skirt, you can still follow the saying "fill up like a princess" if it suits the location, the type of wedding and, above all, yourself . Dear Franzi has chosen a breathtaking top made of coarse lace and a pink, wide-flared tulle. The whole wedding took place in the great ambience of Villa Wollner in the vineyards of Dresden with a view over the city.

Civil Wedding under the sky

Anna and Tommy's wedding was organized by a civil registry office, but took place in the open air in the beautiful garden of the subsequent celebration location. So there was no additional journey to office for them. A huge plus in my opinion for this great location.

Vorschau Andrea & Christian


Andrea & Christian

Vorschau Franziska & Sören


Franziska & Sören

Vorschau Anna & Tommy


Anna & Tommy

Wedding film with mill & barn

An old mill in a wide field. The village landscape in the background and bales of straw as seating for the guests. Linda & Alex chose this wonderful setting for their free wedding ceremony, which couldn't have been more emotional. Then the oldie shuttle took us to the nearby location, a three-sided courtyard with a barn decorated with great attention to detail.

Vorschau Linda & Alexander


Linda & Alexander

Wedding film church wedding

Vicky and Thomas said yes to each other in the wonderful setting of the Gaussig church and in the loving, playful get-together of their children. Afterwards the celebrations took place in the Landidyll Hotel Erbgericht Tautewalde, whose wild garden just magically invited you to linger. An atmospheric wedding, loving moments and exuberant dancing.

Vorschau Victoria & Thomas


Victoria & Thomas

Wedding party "Alice in Wonderland"

Susanne & Klemens have put so much love into detail that you could only shine on that day. Susanne's mom has created a very enchanting room and table decoration, true to the motto Alice in Wonderland. As favors there were small "eat me" biscuits and the wedding cake was the grand finale of the day.

Wedding film Church & Julius Kost

Even when getting ready at Annika's home, I was immediately in love with shock - me these two cute kittens who wanted to explore everything. The bouquet, the bridal shoes, the make-up suitcase on the bed. A great start to the day together, followed by a church wedding in Dresden and a very loving celebration at Julius Kost. Because Johannes is a musician himself, he composed and played a song for Annika and his family.

After Wedding Shooting Holland

Mariska and Tim have been married for seven years, but they seemed as in love to me as they were on the first date. It was an incredible honor for me to spend a morning with you on this lovely little boat for an after wedding shoot.

Vorschau Susanne & Klemens


Susanne & Klemens

Vorschau Annika & Johannis


Annika & Johannis

Vorschau Mariska & Tim


Mariska & Tim

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