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The perfect location, a gorgeous dress, beautiful decoration and the only right person at your side. The big day is approaching. I capture all the big and small moments for you. All beaming faces and every secret tear of joy. The fleeting glances and the big fireworks. I love real feelings, exuberant emotions and radiant people. Romantic barn weddings, lace dresses and handwritten love letters.  

On the day of your wedding I am there for you - and not only as a service provider, but also as a haven of peace and a little helper in between. You can rely on me completely and just enjoy your day for yourself. But my passion is not only for photos, but also for film. Moving images, close-up moments, emotional voices. I immortalize your day in unforgettable recordings as a photographer or videographer. No matter what you book with me - you always get the all-round carefree package. This includes the following for me:

Platzhalter Bild Hochzeitsreportage



handmade wedding box & engraved USB stick made of wood, printed fine art prints

access to a password-protected online gallery for your guests for six months 


real emotions from me as a person and not just as a service provider

As a centerpiece after your wedding you will receive a personalized box from me that you can also use as a collected place for greeting cards, decorations, dried flowers or your wedding vows. So you always have your whole portion of memories in one place.

I do not only put my heart and soul into making and packing the box or designing the online gallery, I also cheer for you every moment on the day of your wedding and the preparations before. Not only as a service provider, but also as a person. That is why it can happen that a small tear rolls down my face too. 

Since my heart does not only beat for photography, but also for weddings in general, I have some additional offers for you in my shop, how I can support you not only on the day itself, but also in the preparations and after the wedding .


calligraphy &

tips & recommendations

In my blog   I have published lots of little tips and hints for future bridal couples. On the one hand about getting married in general, on the other hand, of course, also personally to me. So if you want to get to know me a little better, you are welcome to stop by there. Of course, I am always available for specific questions and look forward to your message.