The perfect location, a gorgeous dress, beautiful decoration and the only right person at your side. The big day is approaching. You realize your dream wedding somewhere in the world. Maybe it's your favorite holiday destination together, maybe you got to know each other there. Definitely it is always a magical atmosphere to say "I do" surrounded by a decorated flower arch in the mountains, a string of lights in the forest or a tipi tent in the sandy beach.

I capture all big and small moments for you. All bright faces and every secret tears of joy. The glances and the big fireworks. I love real feelings, exuberant emotions and laughing people. My heart beats for olive plantages, ceremonies at the beach, lace dresses and personal vows. 

On the day of your wedding I am fully there for you - and not only as a service provider, but also as a haven and a small helper for in between. You can absolutely rely on me and just enjoy your day for yourself. My passion is not only the photos but also the film. Moving images, close-up moments, emotional voices. I perpetuate your day in unforgettable shots as an optional photo or videographer. No matter what you book with me - you always get the all-inclusive package. This means the following for me:


The heart of your wedding is a personalized handmade box with a precious engraved USB flash driver made of wood. In photo coverage you will also receive printed high-quality fine art motifs.


Afterwards you can use the box as a gathering place for thank you cards, decoration, dried flowers or your marriage vows. So you always have your whole portion of memories in one place.


In addition you will receive a pretty online gallery with your highlight history as a password - protected access.


Everyone with whom you share this link will have access to download all or selected files. So everyone can decide for themselves which images they want to include in their hearts and photo albums.


Not only in the preparation and packaging of the box or the design of the online gallery, I am with body and soul, even on the day of your wedding, I simmer with you every moment. Not only as a service provider but also as a person. That's why it can happen that even with me a small tear flows.


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As my heart beats not only for photography but also for weddings in general I have some additional offers for you in my shop. That's why I can stand by you not only on the day itself but also in the preparations and after the wedding.


In my blog I have a lot of little tips and hints for future bridal couples published. On the one hand about the topic to get married in general, on the other hand also personally to me. If you would like to get to know me a bit better you are welcome to stop by. Of course I'm also always available for specific questions and I'm looking forward to your message. (attention: currently only german version)


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