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Just like every person, relationships and weddings are each unique. Take a few moments to be guided and inspired by special stories. On the next page you will find one of your personal reviews of me. To get to the picture galleries, you can select any button for the category.


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Fotoslider Testimonials

Boudoir Homeshooting


Sarah is a super loving and professional photographer with a good eye for lighting. I've already had several photo shoots with her and can only recommend her. It also gives good instructions and tips, but so that there is plenty of space for your own ideas and you definitely feel comfortable. The photos just look authentic.

What I also particularly like is the communication with her. She has great ideas in advance for shootings and also for wedding planning. I am very happy to have hired her as our wedding photographer as well.

Wedding reporting

Dear Sarah, thank you very much for your incredibly beautiful photos from our wedding day. You have a super good look, perfect timing, such a pleasant manner and you were simply not noticed during the wedding. You just did so GOOD. We are so happy and grateful for your work and we will definitely see each other again soon at one or the other shoot. your happy bridal couple

Alina & Jannes

Couple shoot

Sarah manages with her easygoing nature that you quickly thaw in front of the camera and feel very comfortable! Which of course leads to beautiful snapshots with real feelings. We got a lot of edited pictures back, more than expected. What I particularly like about the pictures is the selection Sarah made. We had a couple shoot and Sarah chose exactly those pictures on which exactly this feeling came across.

Everything was totally reliable. She took enough time and planned the shoot with us, and she was very responsive to our wishes. You quickly notice that it is extremely important to her that the customer is 100% satisfied. What she has definitely succeeded in with us. Always happy! Clear recommendation.

Victoria & Thomas

Wedding film

Dear Sarah, we have just watched our film: it is so incredibly beautiful. Words fail us; we let this run in an endless loop the whole time, there are so many emotions coming across. We were transported from the first second to the moment as if it had been yesterday and cried snot and water. Incredible.

Many, many, many thanks for being able to get all emotions to the point in less than three minutes to 1000%! It's just perfect and I like to repeat myself: Thank you so much for this amazing memory!

Luisa & Christoph

Wedding reporting

After your lovely package arrived yesterday, we deliberately gave ourselves one more night of anticipation and this morning we looked at the beautiful pictures together and immediately felt like we were back in the day.

It was just such a wonderful day and every single picture reflects all the emotions and feelings. Thank you very much for that. We really have a wonderful memory of this unique experience, our wedding.

Engagement shoot

Paula & Patrick

Oh Sarah you are crazy: so many pictures. And they are all so so beautiful. I am completely in love. I have never been more aware of what a beautiful couple we make together. I am really speechless. Thank you for the great work and the great time together. Now that we got to know each other personally for our engagement shoot, I'm all the more a fan of yours and I'm happy that we won you over for our wedding.

Wedding reporting

Mandy & Marco

Hello my dear, your package has just been delivered and of course I had to look inside immediately. The box is so beautiful and the photos are just amazing! It's amazing how brilliantly you captured our "chaos". I feel like celebrating again. When it comes to the photos from the bridal couple shoot, I can't even choose a favorite, I think I'll have to make a giant screen. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are the best!

Wedding reporting

Charissa & Verno

O my God Sarah, Wauwie, Wauwie; we thank you so much. Your timing was perfect. We wanted to look at the pictures with our families for the first time and now we could combine that with Verno's birthday party. What a great moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you, a thousandfold.

Everyone loves the pictures and so do we, we are overwhelmed.

Portrait shoot


I'm more than happy that Sarah and I weren't put off by the April weather and finally found each other for a shoot in Dresden, because it was more than worth it! A very wonderful person, great ideas, relaxed atmosphere and, above all, much nicer results. It makes you feel so good in front of the camera when you see her beaming look at the first few pictures. Thank you!

Wedding reporting

Lydia & Eric

Dear Sarah, we have just looked at all the pictures and are just speechless; the pictures turned out so beautiful! We have just been able to relive our big day and despite the corona regulations we were missing nothing.

Thank you for being there and thank you very much for your great work. We're really looking forward to next year and the party pictures. We were also very happy about your lovely little message, feel very depressed.

Wedding reporting

Luise & Nabil

We are very excited about the photos; they turned out really beautiful. We looked at the photo gallery together with great curiosity for the first time and were able to review our two wedding anniversaries with the associated emotions. Your perspective gives you a completely different perspective on the individual moments. It was a great pleasure for us that you accompanied us twice on our big day and captured these wonderful moments in pictures. First on Wednesday at the registry office and then on Saturday at the free wedding ceremony. Thank you very much!

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