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During the year I am not always at home and work there. From time to time I also travel to other cities or even countries for weddings or photo shoots and of course also the wanderlust grabs me from time to time. 

So I would like to invite you to contact me if I am on your way and you would like to take the chance for a photo shoot. ​Intermediate stops from Dresden to the respective destination can also be combined; within Europe I mostly travel by car. 

Or even if your city isn't on the map yet, would you like to invite me over? Let's experience some of these adventures together.

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If you would like me to come to your city, you can contact me and we will arrange the best possible date or date range together. Depending on the distance and the season, the time span can of course vary. 


Inquiries for other cities are always considered commissioned shootings at the normal shooting price.

I then include our fixed date in my planned travel dates and of course also publish it on various platforms to promote the trip and to find more customers in your city or as a stopover on the way.
Depending on the distance, at least two to three orders are required to make a journey so that it is worthwhile. 

In order to get from A to B and also to be able to make flexible stopovers when planning my route, I usually travel by car myself. I calculate the travel costs for the route between our cities with a flat rate of €0.30 per kilometer. 
The further the distance, the greater the surcharge for the shoot. This may seem intimidating at first, but you also have to consider that the longer the way, the more stopovers in other cities I can make and the more time I usually plan for the trip in general, so that the long way is also possible worth driving for me. So everything balances out in the same way.
The travel costs are then divided equally among all customers on the route. In order to keep this surcharge as small as possible, you can of course also support me in your own interest and, for example, ask friends if they would also like to do a shooting. 

These destinations are already on my itinerary for 2023/2024

    Kochi, India - 2023

September 05 - 20 

    Ireland, round trip - 2024

March 09 - 16

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