Usually I always arrive at least one day earlier and also stay one night longer. In most cases during the week before and after I also have the flexibility to schedule my travel time. So please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are not in my specified travel period. Of course I'm also really looking forward to adding new destinations to my future calendar.

I love to travel to other cities or even countries for weddings and also in my free time where is always some time for photographing.
Let's go through some of these adventures together. Here are my currently planned travel destinations for this year.
22. - 28. July

I travel to France for a wedding on the 24rd. I will have enough time for one or two photo or after wedding shooting beside. I'll stay directly in Paris and will go there by plane. There is no rented car planned because I can reach everything by the public transportations. If you have other ideas, don't  hesitate to tell me your input!

17. - 20. August

I will go to the Netherlands by car. So my exact arriving and leaving dates are a little bit flexible. I have a wedding there on 17th but I am open for all adventures around this time.

22. - 28. October

I'm going to photograph a german wedding over there in a beautiful finca. I will travel with my boy a few days around to discover the island by car. We would like to find another couple of photographers so that we can share some pictures together.

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